What Is Brew Day?

We’re probably going to be talking quite a bit about Brew Day in the weeks and months ahead, so I thought I’d go ahead and define the concept for posterity.

In a nutshell, Brew Day is about innovation.

Yes, it’s a play on our agency’s name, Bottlecap, but the “brew” really has more to do with new ideas, refinements and experimentation with all things that relate to our business. It might be sexy (augmented reality) or subtle (internal process revisions), but at the end of each Brew Day it’s our goal to have our entire team inspired about what it is we do for a living.

As of now, our typical Brew Day looks something like this:

Bottlecap's Brew Day

Brew Day at Bottlecap: Innovation on Tap

  • 9:30a | Team members pitch their Brew Day ideas to the office and project teams begin to form
  • 10a – 1p | Teams work on their projects, defining roles, responsibilities, requirements and more on the fly
  • 1 – 2p | Lunch. We may try to bring in people from other local shops to educate and inspire the team during an interactive lunch-and-learn. In August we talked about the potential of Microsoft Kinect with the awesome team from The SuperGroup.
  • 2 – 4p | People re-form their teams and wrap up their projects
  • 4 – 4:30p | Show & Tell. Project teams reveal what they’ve been working on all day

And that’s it; one day dedicated to investigating things, revisiting things, and trying a bunch of new things in between.

Not all of these projects will stick – but that’s not the point. We’re in an industry that requires us to think strategically and creatively every day. It’s our job to keep testing our digital mettle to ensure we’re ready when our clients come calling.

And if we end each of these innovative sessions at a location that lives up to the Brew Day name, well, that’s OK, too.

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