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New Site & New Blog!

blogBottlecap Development is finally on the web! It’s pretty funny that we have been developing websites since June of 2007, yet didn’t have a site ourselves. We actually went through several iterations, but as we developed web sites for our expanding list of clients we began to evolve.

We began as Jeremy, Dan & Dan. 3 guys with full time jobs, developing sites on the side. By the end of the summer of 07’ we were supporting a number of creative’s. We put together the first Bottlecap site with our creative and branding clients in mind. Before we could launch the website we had evolved to the next level, developing big web apps for companies.

Entering January of 2008 we were supporting a lot of incredible graphic designers and creative’s, but now could also boast an impressive list of clients whom we had developed web apps for. We weren’t just developing for our clients, we were helping them think through their business ideas and guiding them through architecture and planning.

Today, we launch our website knowing who we are. We are the web technology guys supporting businesses, the web idea people launching new companies every month, and a  lifeline to creative’s who need a development partner.

We hope that the Bottlecap Blog will serve as a web technology resource for all of our clients, partners and friends. Bottlecap is now 8 people, and our team could not be stronger. Jeremy, Dan and I are extremely proud of our dev team, I think you will find how useful, smart and entertaining they can be as you check out the Bottlecap blog.

We want to thank all of the clients and partners who helped to shape Bottlecap into who we are today, and who help us continue to grow.


  1. Dan, et. al.,

    Awesome website. Congrats on your growth, as everyone else is slowing down.


  2. Great Website!

    Thanks for all your (continuing) help.

    Bob Proctor

  3. Congrats on the new website guys! It looks sweet! Could this be the dawn of a new Internet behemoth? ;)

    PS – You would go with Javascript instead of Flash…lol.

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