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Manage Your Health Online

ghealth-756183If you are anything like me, you barely go to the doctor and have probably jumped from doctor to doctor as you have changed health plans throughout the years.  If I need to give a doctor access to my medical records or even gain access myself, where do I start?

Google Health allows you to organize all of your health info into one place, as well as gather your medical records from doctors and pharmacies.  Once you have everything in place you can start securely sharing your info with doctors,  pharmacies and family members who need to know.

Now Google Health and CVS Pharmacies are teaming up. Last week CVS announced that customers will be able to import their prescription records into Google Health , as well as update and manage these records in real time.

Managing health records online is going to make managing personal health so much easier. Imagine taking care of an elderly parent and needing access to health info to help make informed decisions… Google Health is going to be an invaluable tool.

Microsoft is getting in the game as well with HealthVault.




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